humourmob-opposites:front=back? bark?

tha opposite of  FRONT IS?…. …..   


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maswala mengine tuachie Mbwa!

of course it’s Bark.










we are bark to square 1…………………………..%*@!


HUMOURMOB/u-tan?u turn? answer!

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via Summer Body in a Bottle? — Baking and Bobby Pins

humourmob/u-tan? u-turn?

due to the white guys  love for the “tan”…


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Humour.Mob. takes the tan and the turn? and the obsession to turn “tan” by the whites.




You tan?

U turn?

nowadays  u-turn imetoka kwa barabara and imerudi mwilini(u-turn has gone out of the road and onto human bodies…as u-TAN)

eti the wazungus do turn?

yes.they turn from white to a dark brown-ish tan

They tan

So they use that shoe polish the dark tan??

Is tanning for peeps or animals?

“the tanning” of animal hides and skins?

So can’t  they go live and TAN permanently in TAN-zania?

that TAN country?




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a guy throwing TAN -trums




kenya has been witnessing weekly demonstrations,,,and other picketing services offered by err.. not really cool peeps, but as a result of the demos and the demo tapes that escort such demos later on tee vee,

humourmob demon? or demonstrations was birthed.

angel-strations is simply fighting or demonstrating ,only on the knees and sending supplications to GOD in a quiet,non-picketing way





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demonstrations!underway. (does it mean demons at work?) no  




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ANGEL–STRATION..picketing but in a supplication to GOD way.that is you demonstrate or take the troubles to GOD in Prayer