TO the young girls,,,,, always feel that you are meant to/for greater things and so empower yourself to be the best you can be.
young women should be empowered to be economically independent.
in life when you hit rock bottom,the only place you can go is up as there is no room to go down. JOSEPH in the BIBLE had to go through intense adversity first to achieve his full potential.your adversity is an indication that the best is yet to come.if only we persevere and pray.
youth,,,,,,,,,,you can rise above your circumstances and soar to greater heights than you ever could have imagined
IN GOD and… WITH GOD… know how its it should be done.

1.GET the name of the prospect
2.Pray for that prospect
3.Believe that a helpful and friendly meeting will take place with that prospect
4.form a picture in your mind of a successful encounter
5.BELIEVE that GOD is always with you
6.GO out in the name of the LORD and meet that prospect
If you go out in the name of the LORD being loving,honest and caring ,holding the success picture,,the door will open for you.
IF GOD be for you who will be/can be against you/or even what can be against you
FAITH in GOD removes all tension,fear,worry and all the negative forces that hold a person back from success
IF GOD is for you then what is there to worry about??????????????
IF the most powerful force in the world/universe is for you/on your side ?why should you have any fear of failure?
a kind of serenity comes over people who have this conviction.and in the center of that serenity more often than not is the SUNLIT OASIS THAT WE CALL SUCCESS.


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