1. HAya basi.wa sisters do wear shoes.BLOCK shoes.flat shoes,hill shoes/heels??????how i wish these shoes would block them from following you on????????????????????????????????????????
and to the gals.who wear so cold/so called BLOCK shoes and FLATS?????????? do you have a BLOCK OF FLATS IN YOUR WARDROBE??????????????Halafu warembo wakisha vaa FLATS watu wataishi wapi????
au watafuata nyayo????????????????
alafu moi?,…………………………aache nyayo avae STILETTO-toes?
avae ngong HEELS/HILLS? coz he’s as old as the hills????????????????????????????????????
wadada wakisha maliza kuvaa hills/HEELS & FLATS nakuambia wataenda kwa estates,si watavaa NYAYO HIGH RISE??????????KI KUKU KAPANDA BIKE NA BATA KAVAA RISE-ON???????????????????

#2. HAya ticha anafunza watoto geog,,,,counties……anasema kuna ngong hills,,,,mua hills,,,taita hills/(even TIGHTER HEELS for smoothening and silkening and making your feet look young and legs long,….? ni giraffe heels in ANIMAL PRINT fashion)………………..
and THE TICHA to JINGA SPICE/ginger spice…AKA student stupid ::::name one other local hills in your locality?????????

#3. SUAREZ should have been created a shark.and be called SHARKIRA. AND THEN HE WOULD DANCE SO WELL move the moves and dribble on the dance hall/floor?or PAPA shark/shirandula?????. or he could have been a dentist because he loves working with teeth.i think he was performing dental surgery on G.O.G.O. CHIEL LINI.swala ni?
hadi LINI? ? FIFA should install BLUE TOOTH TECHNOLOGY,,,pamoja na goal line technology ku track huyu manzi wa uruguay.he’s a man na ni m zi.(ata gor wa kenya need GOR LINE TECHNOLOGY).

-so prezo wa uruguay abuses fifa juu ya suarez BURNS/ alijichoma mwenyewe?eti ban?na mkuu wa U.N? has he been banished to the moon?ATI BAN????if life gives you a ban/or fifa?go make a banana,banana sandwish/ch cake out of it.same as lemons and lemonade eheeeee?
he can go to a great acting career in hollywood as a stuntman for snakes,sharks,,crocs? he can work for ryan giggs as a GIGABYTE(s) of course.he can partner with a MEGA CORPORATION and be a MEGABYTE.pls understand him.he’s a boy with teething problems and needs some baby teething medicine/DENTINOX…HE CAN HELP OUT BABES WITH TEETHING PROBLEMS BY SHOWING EM TO PRACTICE???????????HA!
AND fifa should have given him a year’s supply of PASTA to bite that a BIT-ter pill to swallow by swarez?
whatever you do ,don’t let him eat a whole elephant in one bite.its why he didn’t bite the ivorians.
BAN-IANI (the ban yaani) MBAYA KIATU CHAKE DAWA!!!!!!!!!

#4. AND if donald sterling don’t like his women near and around black successful basketball players????????????????????????????????????
no black guy i wonder what the ??????????????? HECK on mr pound.or he pounded some people @ the wrong spot??????????????spot reduction/spot pounding?????
and if mr.sterling pound no want his women to bring black (successful basket ball )guys to his games????????
no other guy would want the male and female GAME(TES) to meet either???????????????????????????????


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