humourMOB/peculiar kenyans/FREAKSHOW

haya ki deliver deliver/ki zaa zaa ka rise baina ya K.K na F.A.
it’s not between kim k. and the football association bali ni verbal vita baina ya kazungu kompany na st.francis of a.c.c./workers.
kompany:::::::i don’t have any differences with him. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrwell but i have a few tofautis with the F.A but that is no more/normal.eti it’s normal and healthy to ????????? esau jacobo hivi????
st.francis of a.c.c.::::::::::::kambi is displaying his ignorance ot the act(the acts of the a????????????twoliz)o ooooooooNSSF act ni msumeno?????????????
it’s a weapon.of mass deception.depending on where you are @
@ woli scoffs at kambi’s moves blablablanlalalalalalalalalalal.
so kwa shule ulikuwa unachorewa diagrams then waambiwa write down the differences btw the two??spot the difference…………………………………………………….
SO…………… the 2 face diagrams are on your the ball.

one is an old guard/watchman/man/and the other is a young turk
one has cleanshaven and the other has george bush hair/natural weave ata wachana na tony airo hapa ni st francis hairo,the other calls the other mshenzi,sewer kinywa na the other rocks legalese, kinywa kituo cha sheria.the law is an mingi wachia law lani kalou/law learning kalu.
one made an order/makes orders(si ole kaparo pekee ana do ma order) na the other ana jibiza/roger that… na COURT order(asante court oko/kotoko),,,,moja si ni ring leader na dhahabu mingi GOLDILOCKS/PETES you wonder why he’s not the head
moja ni saint na the other ni oppressor/mzungu??????????????
@woli:::::::::::::where did this K.K came from??????????????
let’s not even start about mukhisa and nothing btw the ears ki @woli yet the guy has a whole face and features btw so called (y)ears
the quality of watu being taken over by county govt’s,sio’s not easy to retire/fire staff in govt offices(no wonder white man kompany has hit a gold wall/great wall/brick wall in ku staafisha old guard st francis)
kagwero:::::govt officers hawatembelei farms in nyeri county.eti pharmacy?
so why visit a farm when you can fly to singapore??????????????
kagwero akitaka kuwapa motor cycles………………………..heri wa resign than ku visit farms na pikipiki.
U peculiar speak and he goes :::::::::::let’s compare oranges with oranges and not oranges with pineapples coz they’re different animals altogether
FRUITS?????????????????TRUE?????????????????????????UNAMPATA KAGWERO??
mananasi,machungwa, WANYAMA,he’s going bananas.
he’s well read??au sio???? true enough.from the botany,zoology,mammalia,orchardry,animal husbandry,MIXOLOGY,MYTHOLOGY/mix up……….etc @ the CONFUCIUS institute.u confucianism re loaded.

ON T.V NAYO::::::
announcer says ukitaka kuchangia murder hii/mada hii????nambari yetu ni hii……………..wewe mtazamo/seer wataka kuwa accomplice to murder??????????????????????????????????badala ya ku changa pesa au changa moto au changanyachanganya au ku changamka you want kweli ku changia murder hiyo????????
we charge simu yako.usi charge iwe na murder/mada
mada wachia baby madaha na MADA haraka day.
MURDER INC.records


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