humourmob/samaki wa kupaka/HOT DOGS

Dog facials,pedi/PAWDICURE. habari ndio hii .manicure for a’s a dog’s life.a dog has highlights on his/her body hair…………rainbow colour dog,multicolour bulldog,two-tone chihua who are……,flesh coloured german shepherd??????????????nude terrier??????????????????????????blonde dog,who eat dog cakes in a PETri dish?????????porcelain designer bowls,drink gold label mineral water from the mines south east of meditteranean seeeeeeee?????????????????????????????????????bathe in gold bath tubs….and in kiambu jamaa haogi coz there’s no time to bathe.even if gold bath tubs.even if public jacuzzi??????????????????
he’d rather drink methanol to sterilise his insides but not water coz it drowns people?????????????????????????????????
the dog owner pays 200 dollars a night (wako na dollar mingi kwani kila mtu ni creflo dollar?) $$$ for his PETty pet to enjoy a play date and make new friends @ d-pet hotels/D PET HOTELS.only in deluxe rooms with
1. flat screen t.v,for watching dog cartoons{all dogs go to heaven} and dog movies and dog music[who let them dogz out}? service beer,dog wine,dog’s meat juices,birthday dog cake,dog biscuits,dog fruits like PAW PAW,hand and foot/paw waiter aka WAITherero
3.olympic size swimming pool with de-chlorination to not destroy dog’s highlighted hair at the dog salon and swimming coach :MICHAEL YELPS. phelps and kelps are for the deep blue sea.
4.grooming spa with customized bubbly bath with dog shampoo even a dog swedish massage from the dog masseuse a.ka.a DO(U)G savant.then dog has a blow dry and the hairs trimmed,oiled,moisturized then off to dog’s wardrobe with $10000$$ dog collar with rubies & gemstones and tanzanite,diamond’s aren;t a dog’s best friend,dog leather jacket from dogsy & gabbana. 1000s of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ of dog wear.rain coat?PETty coat,under coat,d-strings from dog-terrier’s secret/victoria’s secret???????????????
the dogs even do sun bathing @ barking ham palace gardens with sunscreen lotions/potions
kim’s dog had butt implants look more bitchy and boost confidence????????????????????????????????????????????and ad more dog stuff?????????designer dog kennels,diamond dog collars?????????dog diapers???????????????????????
its a madd madd madd world.
and a hungry famine stricken african would have dog cuisine just to stay alive!


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si una taka kupika samaki wa kupaka?
ingredients: fish,vaseline ya kumpaka samaki(moisturise when the body is still freshly moist from the lake),powder au ni salt and seasoning????,royco aka foundation/bronzer the colour/to tint the skin tone of the fish???????????,who wants to eat black or grey fish???????????????yet it falls under the group of white meat???
perfume; siku hizi kuna cooking spray kwa naku what.supermarket. you need it you got eat.bow tie ama dania for garnishing ooooo for appearance ooo food must be good to look @????,lipcolour/tomato sauce for colouring the fish’s lips so it looks appetizing etc……………………………..apply gloss………………….sheen……………………body oil(vee man shah’ll provide the body oil/elianto oil for ????????????????????????????????samaki wa KU PAKWA
milk:for bathing the fish to be soft and smooth
and without forgetting the cat/catch who will eat the sweet smelling beautiful fish???????????????
oooooooooooooooo chef garnish the food,it should look urembo,pleasant to taste???????????
kwani wale wanarogwanga na kukula nyasi either chafu/safi/dry etc?????????????????? wale mr.wangombe(they are never women)mbona hawajali saaaaaana kenye wanakula?
does it cause grass cancer??????????????????????????
do grass hoppers suffer from grass cancer???????????????????from pesticides????????lung cancer from insecticides????????????????
waliridhi salad za nebuchadnezzar.
king salads inc.from grace to grass to gross. and grows………………………………………………………


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