humourmob/a meri Criminal

ONCE UPON a time::::::::::::::::::::pic222
police/COPS/corpse ???????????? booked a US its booking for criminals,arrests are used by docs to describe heart conditions/failing hearts etccc CAR-DIAC they booked a hunky model criminal. looks like jude LAW.the long hand of the LAW caught up with OTI(eno).AKA hottie.and the cops posted ‘im kwa wall,kwa post ki F.B.I,,,,,,(facebook info.that is)………… and NOT NOT the federoll on a roll/ral bureau of investi…………..???????????????gate ion/gation.once upon a time things were posted kwa post office,,,,,,,,,but now,,,,,,,,,,peeps,things,stuff,pics,peeks all things are posted on F.B.I.PAGES.(Facebook info that is)so when you see a christy ronaldo m-halifu on a police dept fbi page,,,(facebook info that isss)you let a dating agency go thru his profile and post him to search-crews,,,,,,,,, those looking for some-one to…………………,spend the rest of the lives together,marry,companion etccccc…… they up-load him to formula one/danica patrick for speed dating in a police chase car,escape club ing to jail to find yourself a keeper???????????coz hez already a kept person in jail????????????or do you keep poultry in jail?????????????????????????
aka JAIL-BIRD?????????so if he becomes the ex once upon a time………..aka the X-MEN days of future fasttttttt???????so E’ll he be your ex-convict???????????????????????
his lawyers booked him in a modelling agency to re-model his behaviour(smoke,snorting stuff… pigs,cocaine.injecting……..inhaling…..etc…)
he’s more than the 130 times re-modelled KEN-DOLL but still not a looker
lez finish singing in SING a pore. CIN(g)CIN(g)natti


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