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soooooooooooo  gorillas like eating stems,fruits,bamboo???????????????????
like are gorillas chinese????????????????????????????????????
baboons like to go bananas and drink fan ta and stay ba(m)boo(n)cha
peculiar kenyans like to give them alco hol on road trips?????????????????????????
just watering their dry throats?????????????????
then police come and put alco-blow kwa monkey mouth and smell the stuff………… but dont arrest them for being on the road kwa barabara and drunk???????????????????????kwani walijuaje watu wana wape pombe bila ku tumia alco-blow???????????????
kws wa arrest the drunk wanyama????????????
hao si utumishi kwa wote hao ni utumishi kwa huduma za wildlife………………………….whatever……..(u double standards)
karo even gives them ama rula licker/liquor?????????????????
countryman licker/liquor
so since modern peeps love junk food and we use bamboo to make stuff and bath wash with bamboo shoots and fruits for juices and stems for stem-cell re-search????????????????
let booker T also write MEALS AND BOON BOOKS FOR BA BOONs??????????????MILLS & BOON????????????WE DONT WANT THEM ILLITERATE???????????????
GOR MA HERE/hia tuachie gor-illa

odm gor



Author: emalineachieng

Meet HUMOURITA! Emaline Achieng comedy blogger, humourist.,satirist a christian happily in the WORK of GOD,a Writer-:-(RELIGION),Current Affairs,Public Interests, millions of humorous,comical,satirical,,,absurd articles...stories,,,observations,,pieces,, current affairs,short takes and more. "lionel messi" wa comedienne!

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