soma the neno believe neno. itakutetea na ku-ku shindia one day.
soma the neno
believe neno.
itakutetea na ku-ku shindia one day.




Hannah praised GOD for HIS ANSWER to her prayer for a son.the theme of her poetic prayer is her confidence in GOD’S SOVEREIGNTY and her thankfulness for everything HE had done.MARY THE MOTHER OF JESUS modelled her own praise song ,THE MAGNIFICAT,after hannah’s prayer (luke 1:46-55).

like hannah and mary,we should be confident of GOD’S ultimate control over the events in our lives and we should be thankful for the ways in which GOD has blessed praising GOD for all good stuff na gifts,we acknowledge HIS ultimate control over all the affairs of life.


HANNAH praised GOD  for being a ROCK :firm,strong and our fast paced world,friends come and go,and circumstances do change.its difficult to find a solid foundation that will not change.those who devote their lives to achievements,causes or possessions have as their security that which is finite and changeable.the possessions that we work so  hard to obtain will all pass away.but GOD is always present.



NO DOUBT as HANNAH said these words………she was thinking of peninnah’s arrogance and chiding.HAANNAH did not have to get even with peninnah.she knew that GOD is all knowing and that HE will JUDGE all sin and pride.

HANNAH wisely let judgement up to GOD.RESIST the temptations to take justice into your own hands.GOD will weigh your deeds as well as the deeds of those who have wronged you.


because we live in a world where evil abounds and where war na terrorism always threaten…………….we may forget that GOD is in control.HANNAH saw GOD as solid as 1.a  rock. (2:2), 2…the one who knows what we do (2:3), 3…sovereign over all the affairs of people (2:-4-8) and 4…. the supreme judge who administers perfect justice (2:10).

remembering GOD’S SOVEREIGN control helps us put both world and personal  events in perspective.

HANNAH……her strengths……..

*was the mother of samuel who was also Israel’s greatest Judge

*fervent in worship,effective in prayer

*willing to follow through on even a costly commitment

HANNAH……………..her weaknesses

*she struggled with her sense of self-worth because she had been unable to have children

lessons from her life::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


*our children are gifts from GOD

*GOD is concerned for the oppressed and afflicted.

HANNAH toka Ephraim,was a homemaker na mother of samuel and three other  sons and two daughters.she was the wife of Elkanah.her story is told in 1 samuel 1-2

hannah’s prayer shows us that all we have and receive is on loan from GOD. hannah might have had many excuses for being a possessive mother.but when GOD answered her prayer she followed through on her promise to dedicate samuel to GOD’S SERVICE

she discovered that the greatest joy in having a child is to give that child fully and freely back to GOD.she entered motherhood prepared to do what all mothers do eventually and that’s letting go of their children.when kids are born,they are completely dependent upon their parents for all their basic necessities.this causes some parents to forget the same kids will grow to independence within a span of a  few be sensitive to the different stages of that healthy process will greatly strengthen family relationships,resisting or denying that process will cause great pain.we must let go of our children gradually in order to allow them to become mature independent adults.

THE finishing touches

shika neno itakusimamia siku ya rainy day
shika neno itakusimamia siku ya rainy day


*GOD’S purposes are not thwarted by human shortcomings

*when our systems sem too gnarled to be unraveled or salvaged,we need to remember that GOD not only displays HIS his creativity by making things from scratch,but by also bringing order and beauty out of messes.

*ignorance is not a good excuse for insensitivity

*JEALOUSY is NOT  good excuse for BAD BEHAVIOUR


GOD will FIRE your opposers and ENEMIES and the JEALOUS from your office that HE has blessed you with


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