Airtel Kenya in conjunction with Medanta Africare on Thursday 25th, June launched a mobile healthcare service that enables Kenyans to access…

Maybe its time that we read the writing on the wall, BET is for Blacks in the US not in Africa. – See more at:…/why-african-artists-should-sn…/…

Although BET stands for Black Entertainment Television with the awards aimed at recognizing and awarding the best in Black entertainment, the 2015…

Citizen TV Kenya's photo.

David Kakuta Mulwa has touched the lives of many other people in his fifty plus years of teaching, writing and acting. The prolific writer has published nineteen books, acted in more than 50 films and uncountable plays, done 200+ educational radio programs, and is still going strong. He is, as the Daily Nation once called him, A Man for All Seasons.…/why-i-will-be-celebrating-david…/

David Mulwa, Kinyanjui Kombani, books, Kenyatta University, David Mulwa @ 70, Alliance Francaise, John Sibi-Okumu, theatre|By Kinyanjui Kombani

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