HUMOURMOB/meta physics,

HAIR WAYS/shine on

ONCE utaji find in a public means of transport and kuma a lot of hair do’s/hair ways /ways to wear the hair

others sport a very shiny hair way style ya ku metameta

it was glitter shimmering meta meta ring in the sun

so kuna-nga shoe shiner and kuna nga hair shiner/polisher(silicone)

META PHYSICS(the study of shiny hair)
META PHYSICS(the study of shiny hair)……………………it’s muli tricholi??GIST!

ndiposa we decided to think that some hairdressers didn’t really somea  stuff ki hair dressing only but alisomea meta physics also


Author: emalineachieng

Meet HUMOURITA! Emaline Achieng comedy blogger, humourist.,satirist a christian happily in the WORK of GOD,a Writer-:-(RELIGION),Current Affairs,Public Interests, millions of humorous,comical,satirical,,,absurd articles...stories,,,observations,,pieces,, current affairs,short takes and more. "lionel messi" wa comedienne!

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