erico in RUBBERSTAMP/twisted?!#$/carazy??????????

Hawayunii! Barack Obama pays tribute to Eric Omondi in GES speech…/hawayunii-barack-obama-pays-tribute-…

Standard Digital Entertainment's photo.
anaongea about hawa wa uni hawa crazy fellas wa uni of nairobi
nd’o anasema hawa uni cos he thought they were brought allowed in the GES/GAS CHAMBERS……………..whar-ever!(since he didn’t go for them )
so he’s telling em niaje waaaaaaa sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hawa wa uni??????????????????
ETI PAY TRIBUTE?????????????????????????????
in kenya payments accepted are legal tender ??????????????????????????????
so have em tribute payment?????????????????????????????????????
so this is a greeting or a tributary?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????or a rubberstamp from tha HEAVYWEIGHTS?????????????????????????????
is it a laughing matter??????????????????????????????????????????????

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