humourmob/.,:- bolt,Colt,DOLT,,,,,,english-mob!

thought yu know u-sain bolt

yes you do.

yes ?

bolt-on runnerer

yeah.thaz YU-ZAIN BOLT/u-sain/who sane? bolt.

but u don know  u-sain colt….????????

wanyama bolt

or you think this is it??????

usain colt is::::::::::::::::::::::::::;

a fast small horse-donkey,,,that can give you a run ..for your money,,,,……………good for aerobics in non-confined spaces like that gym!

“i am u-sain colt”
the bolt-on wanderer at tha top / the runner-rer is running in u-china!
and that gatlin/or iz it gut-lin guy has to have guts to beat that bolt. guy.
like maybe some lightning arresters??????
to stop him in his tracks?????
noun :
dolt ;  plural noun: dolts a stupid person.
Dolt..::: refers a person who isn’t very smart.
You might be called a dolt if you do something dumb, like stand outside your car complaining that you locked your keys 

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