FRESH BAKE’d………………………………….Teens Online Safety Workshop

We held the inaugural Teens online safety workshop on 22nd August, which was attended by teens and parents. Here is a recap.

Blogs are coming up every other day. It is important not to lose sight of good blogging habits that will help you stay the course. Here are 6 Blogging Commandments.

Focus on the counties


The National Assembly’s extension of the timelines to pass key Constitutional Bills is not new. Read more here.

‘Wanjiku of the Constitution’ is not happy with its implementation. Monica Wangui Kamau a Mau Mau veteran, expresses her disappointments here.


“Do not be fooled to take  (MRC) oaths and start fighting the government”, Hon. Rashid Bendzimba,  Kisauni MP warned the youth. Get the whole story here.


The Auditor General’s assessment of the Kisumu County Assembly records, has revealed anomalies in the Assembly’s expenditure for the 2013/2014 financial year. Find the story here.

North Eastern residents took to the streets over education crisis. To read  more follow this link.

Internet Freedoms

Was Mutahi Ngunyi’s apology to the LUO NATION on twitter sufficient? Follow the story here.

awitty,comica,humour,jokes,sarcasm,satire,theatre of the absurd,wits mob and HUMOURMOBs constantly
awitty,comica,humour,jokes,sarcasm,satire,theatre of the absurd,wits mob and HUMOURMOBs constantly

Our brothers and sisters from Rift Valley still prefer puckering their lips briefly towards the direction they wish to call attention to as opposed to using their fingers. But why? Read about fascinating cultural traditions of Kenya

Ladies, there are cheaper ways that are effective to maintain your looks. If in doubt, ask this blogger


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