Gideon Kiprop runs the blog NorthRift News, which was voted the best County blog at the blog awards. We bring you his story in our blogger profile segment.

Rape is a humiliating affair that should never happen to anyone; woman, man, or child. Still, we sometimes find ourselves having to deal with it. This article offers you the Do’s and Don’ts after a rape ordeal.

Focus on the counties


Corruption can be likened to a virus that devours its citizens to the core rendering them helpless with no hope in sight. This piece tries to  explore the vice.


The installation of Safaricom’s Project Mwewe is currently ongoing in Mombasa. Read more on the residents’ curiosities about the project.


President Uhuru Kenyatta has declined to suspend Makueni County saying that the county does not meet the constitutional threshold for suspension. Read to find out what next for this County.


Nation Media Group CEO Mr. Joe Muganda gives a public lecture at Dedan Kimathi University.

More about this talk here.

Kenyan blogs of interest

What promises do people make when they get married? Here is one such promise.

“Did you know that a woman’s personality can easily be revealed based on the type of handbag she carries?”, asked this blogger.

And is fish the new cool food to order during office lunches at local joints, or what?! Check this out


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