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Two lucky winners are coming with us to the Digital Camp today  and these are the articles that won them tickets.

The Internet of Things by Shadrack Landi

Tumetoka Analogue, Tuko Digital by Myra Muili

For all who will not attend, we will keep you updated. Have a look at the Digital Camp program here.

Healthcare issues

Janet Kanini was diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in April 2015 and later tests revealed Stage 4 Cancer. Join her colleagues, family and friends to offer your support for the One Nation For Janet Concert

Kenyan blogs of interest

When you wake up craving for Coffee Ice cream, and you know that you cannot find it anywhere in Nairobi, and you opt to prepare a simple chocolate chip frappe

When you have a good thing but reach a point where your paths lead you in different ways, but you find your way back together to rekindle old love

When you have short hair, or are having a bad hair day, or you just want to give your hair a break, so you reach for your wigs and weaves

When you realize that being Kenyan is more than just citizenship and would never trade being Kenyan for anything

 wish you an exciting weekend!


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