FRESH BAKE’d,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DIGITAL CAMP

we have updates on the Digital Camp that took place last weekend.

Caroline Mutoko Session.jpg

Caroline Mutoko is meticulous. She was the first facilitator to open the Digital Camp sessions at the recently concluded Digital Camp. This is how her session was.

We are just recovering from the flurry of activities that saw the putting together of the Digital Camp Kenya 2015. Here is an overview of how it went down.

The Kenya Art Fair is underway at the Sarit Centre Exhibition Hall. Please make a point of visiting our stand as you engage in the various activities at the event.

Last week we published the winning articles for the Digital Camp Kenya tickets, but you probably were not able to access them. Here they are:

The Internet of Things By Shadrack Landi
and Tumetoka analogue, tuko digital by Myra Muli.

What’s in a name?Ever asked that question as a blogger? Well, this post suggests things to consider when choosing a blog name.

Kenyan blogs of interest

Are cooking recipes written on stone? If not, is there any reason why we can’t play around with ingredients?

“The society has reached a point where punishment may be redundant and people have gotten used to (it)” Do you agree with this blogger?

Think of land as the canvas, the landscape design as the paint (or drawing medium) and the Landscape Architect as the artist. That is how you demystify Landscape Architecture.


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