eti usipoziba ufa (woofer)
uuta jenga ukuta
ukuta  is going up in n.eastern/sooooooooooooo MALI
and there is no ufa/(woofer) to go with the building!
ukuta biggy  was built long ago great wall china
bila ufa to go with the building!

wahenga to retire
modern versions
usipoziba ufa/woofer (modern man knows woofer than ufa)!
utafanya UFA-FA-nuzi
utageuka mutai nguni na kufanya analysismos
till ushikwe na ugonjwa wa kufafa
kutoelewa analysis za mutai ni ugonjwa wa KUFAFA
haeleweki……wewe huelewi any??????????analysis can be science mkuti
many don’t elewa the sciences!
ziba woofer
ziba mosound ya loud speaker


Author: emalineachieng

Meet HUMOURITA! Emaline Achieng comedy blogger, humourist.,satirist a christian happily in the WORK of GOD,a Writer-:-(RELIGION),Current Affairs,Public Interests, millions of humorous,comical,satirical,,,absurd articles...stories,,,observations,,pieces,, current affairs,short takes and more. "lionel messi" wa comedienne!

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