FRESH BAKE’d @ DOT-DEC holiday!

Dec 18th 2015
The Write Stuff

Hello everyone,

We hope that your week went well, and that you are geared up for the Christmas holidays. By sharing these reads, we hope to add to your Christmas cheer.

Focus on our blog

Blogging Over Christmas.jpg

Do you suspect that your blog will suffer neglect during the Christmas season? Maybe you should consider doing this?

PAWA Festival will take over Nairobi, in a street Festival to be held at City Hall way, at the public space in front of KICC. This might just interest you.

Kenyans have an entrepreneurial fire that drives them against all odds. Here is a guest post on our blog to drive this point home.

Focus on the counties

Parents are to blame for bad conduct among teens. This writer seeks to explain why.

Nakuru woman with strange disease appeals for medical support. What started as an off and on loss of vision ended up in a battle to survive.

The harsh economic times and the attempts to fight food insecurity are making nomadic communities in Isiolo County shift from herding to crop production.

Water is life” is a statement that has essentially become a cliché and the importance of this commodity is grossly misunderstood by those whohave it abundantly.

Kenyan blogs of interest

Don’t wait too long  to have fun with your daughter and son before they become teenagers. Here is a blogger who goes ahead of his time as he drafts a memoir to his unborn son.

Maybe Christmas is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone? And maybe your life has become too routine? So maybe you want to re-write it?

If you need a book to read or to gift someone for Christmas, we’ve discovered just the place for you to buy it: theMagunga online bookstore!



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