humour mob/blogging tu

Our2Cents Ep. 67: Tips on dealing with cyber bullying - Capital Lifestyle
this is ess BLOGGER-ITA na this iz alzo s. china gal.lady s made in china yaani







The best advice I would give someone considering blogging is:

Tie your blog to something you naturally do.

Biko is a writer;

Sharon is a fashionista.If you open a food blog and can take good pictures of your food and also cook, that would work. Creating a new post should not make you hyperventilate and go to the ICU. It should be effortless.

Treat your blog like a business from Day One.

Set up your blog for success from day one.


Churn out content consistently.

Not when you feel like. Create a content calendar to help you plan your posts. Before you even start blogging have a plan for your next articles. Do not publish a post on Monday and wait till Monday to be like, “What will I post today?” Life happens, things take over and soon we’ll just read your, “Sorry I did not do my homework” posts. which are annoying and show how unreliable you are.

Be realistic about your posting schedule.

Blogging is like going to the gym, you may think you will go at 5 am daily but reality hits. Decide on a posting schedule you will realistically adhere to.


What brand will want to work with you if you blog inconsistently, do not take your blog seriously and are wishy washy like the wind?


If you write, edit your work.

Grammar errors are a big no no. Use correct English,

Take good pictures,

make sure your site is easy to navigate,(KWENI NI RIVER CONGO?)P-AHA……PW-AHA!)

easy to read and minimalistic.

Realize that you have an international audience.
























Our2Cents Ep. 67: Tips on dealing with cyber bullying - Capital Lifestyle













































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