We hope you had a fantastic week. As you ease into the Valentine’s weekend, check out what was interesting in the blogosphere this week.

The training that had been planned for Baringo on 20th Feb has been postponed till further notice. Here is what’s new on our blog:


Focus on our blog


About That Image.jpg

Caution has been sounded time and time again about the images one uses on their blog. This article shares information you might find useful before you use that image


The first phase of the Kenyan Blog Awards, the submission phase, came to an end on Wednesday 10th February 2016. We have now officially entered the judging phase.


We feature a guest post this week from Nyakarima King, a Kenyan blogger based in Sweden. She shares bits of knowledge she has gathered from her blogging journey so far.


Focus on the counties



Corruption remains one of Kenya’s biggest threat to development. This opinion piece states how runaway corruption is increasing poverty in Kenya



Kenyan blogs of interest


You might be tempted to use this fish and chips recipe for your children, but don’t. This is not kid-friendly fish and chips. Why? Because it uses beer in the batter


Traditional vegetables the likes of Amaranth or Mchicha, are easy to cook, very tasty and high in nutritional value. Don’t you just love them?


You might think that you know who photographer extraordinaire Mutua Matheka is. But then again, would you say that he is an alien?


Ok, this is not a Valentine’s outfit post, but this blogger suggests that we make it a ball’entine instead, and rock a ball dress for valentines.


Have a lovely Valentine’s weekend.



Had a good week? Hope so. We will be in Baringo county for a training this month, and we are looking forward to that, among other things…


Focus on our blog


Are bloggers being exploited by brands.jpg

Cases have been cited where bloggers have been approached by brands to endorse a product without compensation. We invite BAKE members to discuss whether Bloggers are exploited by some brands.


Hashtags are a good way to track messages online. Here are things to observe if you want to come up with the right hashtag.


We will hold a Blogging and Social media training at Bunifu Technologies Ltd offices in Kabarnet, located at Kabarnet ASK show ground on Saturday, 20th February. Find out more.


The Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) will be conducting a public consultations forum on 11th February, 2016 at the NHIF Auditorium from 8.30 am. Care to participate?


The just concluded ONGEA summit was very informative for people who want to make it in the music industry. Here are snippets of what went down.


Focus on the counties

Nakuru IDP children cite lack of electricity for ‘dismal’ performance in 2015 K.C.P.E.


Mbuvi Kasina, an activist and businessman from Kitui County is facing six counts of improper use of licensed telecommunication system after calling for CDF accountability.


Kenyan blogs of interest

Coco Channel said: Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. This blogger agrees.


There are places you go for slightly cheap clothes but they require just a bit of hustle. No pain no gain right? Here is a guide on how to shop in Gikomba market.


Do you know that scarves literally flip an outfit from drab to fab in a second? Check this out.


Have a LAUGH-LY  weekend


We will spend most of today at the Blogging and Social Media Training at the ONGEA! Music Summit happening at the Sarit Centre Expo Hall. We hope you registered and we will be see you there.


Focus on our blog



It is so much fun sharing photos and videos with friends on Instagram. As you go about enjoying this social media network, try to steer clear of these bad habits.


Our corporate world gets hectic and we have emails flying in and out of our inbox every single day. But do we take a minute to check our email etiquette before we hit send or reply?


Twitter is all about the number of followers that one enjoys. We give you tips on how to increase and maintain your followers on Twitter.


There have been increasing cases of intimidation through arrests and prosecution of Kenyan Bloggers and internet users. We put out a statement to condemn the arrests.


Focus on the counties



Anthony Njoroge Mburu alias Waime Mburu, who commentates on Kiambu County politics was charged in court with publishing false information.



Freelance journalist Yassin Juma was arrested on 23rd of January 2016 and detained by police for posting updates on his social media accounts of the Al- Shabaab attack.


Kenyan blogs of interest

We have always perceived stress to be a bad thing. But have you heard of of Eustress? Well, this is the kind of stress that is good for you.


Try this recipe and you will understand why having Mushrooms and Cheese handy in your fridge is always a good thing.


Finally, as you get ready for the weekend, heed this blogger: Every conversation at the market, library or street corner is an opportunity to brighten somebody’s day.



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