The anticipated workshop on monetization for bloggers, took place on Saturday 20th February at the Nailab. The session was made up of an able panel of PR practitioners and established bloggers.

We had Brian Mung’ei, the Digital Communication & Social Media Strategist, Safaricom Ltd;

Naomi Mutua a Social Media Strategist, Ogilvy Public Relations

Muthoni, Travel Category,

Kenyan Blog Awards Winner (2014)

Nancie Mwai, fashion category, Kenyan Blog Awards Winner (2012,2013);

Stephen Musyoka, a social media influencer and founder of Trinc Media and

Naomi Wanjiru, our Head of Business Development at Bloggers Media Limited (BML).

The uniting thing that resulted in a full house of established and upcoming people in the digital industry was the ultimate need to make money from doing what they are passionate about. This being an era of influencers and brand advocates, the session provided lots of insight to navigating the industry.

The bloggers in the panel started by telling the audience their motivation to start blogging. For Rachael, she just loved travelling and a blog provided a space to share her travelling stories. “It was purely driven by passion,” she said.

Nancie Mwai also reiterated the fact that she was driven by her love for fashion and used her blog to share her fashion and style enthusiasm.

Stephen Musyoka advised the bloggers to develop good articles and not be in a hurry to make money. “Money will eventually come as you consistently put up good quality articles. It requires patience,” he said. He shared the Hero Hygiene Hub strategy for good content. “Content is king”, he added. Nancie reiterated that as a blogger, mediocrity will not get you where you want to be.

Naomi Mutua said that clients want to create awareness to a large audience. “Among the things we look for before engaging a blogger or influencer, is audience engagement”, she said. She elaborated that they look for comments, likes, retweets and real following on social media. “Corporates are looking for people who are believable”, she added.

Brian Mung’ei advised bloggers not to over quote their work. He encouraged bloggers to join together and send proposals of campaign ideas to brands. “Speaking in one voice mostly gets you what you ask for”, he said. “The future of blogging lies in mobile and video storytelling, you can explore these avenues”, he added.

The issue of niche came up during the workshop. Stephen Musyoka said that influencers and bloggers need to distinguish their niche, and perfect it. “Most brands look for consistency in a blogger’s or influencer’s messaging”, he said.

Some brands approach bloggers and offer them products for review as payment. Some brands say that writing about them would give bloggers enough exposure. The panelists were asked how they dealt with such requests.

Nancie Mwai said that it is not wrong for a blogger to ask for payment for a post even if a brand provides them with products. “You should not be paid in products or food”, she said. “However, there are some clients I have built a long working relationship that started with a free blog post. It all depends on the client’s approach to a blogger”, she added.

Stephen Musyoka reiterated that exposure cannot pay rent, but it’s important to build relationships with brands. “Do not burn bridges”, he advised. Sentiments that were echoed by Rachael. “There are trips that I have done which were fully paid by some brands”, she said.

The question of disclosures and disclaimers also came up. Different bloggers treat disclaimers and disclosures differently depending on their readers. Some felt that to be loyal to their readers, they mention if a post they have put up is sponsored by a brand. It is however not cast in stone. Some brands also require you to mention if they have sponsored a post.

Naomi Wanjiru gave pointers on what we look for before considering bloggers or influencers to work with BML in campaigns. Blogs have to be self-hosted and align with the brand we are working with. “Influencers have to have a minimum of 4000 followers on twitters”, she said.

Research continues to be an issue that crops up in most of our forums. Bloggers need to keep researching on the needs of their audience. For instance, some readers’ attention span is short and long blogposts do not work in their case.

This forum was definitely beneficial not only for the attendants but also online. The conversations on Twitter were under the hashtag #MoneyInBlogging. We look forward to organizing the next one.

You can connect with our panelists on Twitter:

Brian: @mungei
Naomi Mutua: @AKenyanGirl 
Stephen: @smusyoka
Nancie: @nanciemwai
Rachael: @SonnieRox
Naomi Wanjiru: @Shiko_Msa























Dear AfWA Congress Participant,
Remarque: le message est en français ci-dessous.

The theme of the 18th International Congress is “Sustainable Access to Water and Sanitation in Africa”. To expand the knowledge base around this theme, Nairobi City Water and Sewer Company, Ltd. is partnering with the University of Nairobi School of Economics and the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to conduct a brief survey on perceptions of climate-related risk and climate change adaptation among Congress participants.

The survey can be accessed via your laptop, tablet, or smart phone at the following link:

Take the Survey.

If you have already started the survey, your responses thus far have been saved and you can follow the link to start from where you left off.

Those who complete the survey by Wednesday at 4 pm and provide a valid email ID will be entered into a raffle for an ipod shuffle. If more than 300 individuals respond to the survey, two winners will be selected.

We anticipate the survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Participation in the survey is completely voluntary.

Your individual responses to the survey will be kept strictly confidential. The study team will combine all of the responses to the survey and produce a summary report that we hope contributes to our collective efforts to provide sustainable access to water and sanitation in Africa.

As the local host for the 18th International Congress, Nairobi City Water and Sewer Company and the study team thank you in advance for your time and contribution to this important research effort.









Hope you have had a productive week.

Thank God it’s Friday  (TGIF).

As you get excited about the weekend, here are some picks from Kenyan blogs:

Focus on our blog

The anticipated workshop on monetization for bloggers, took place on Saturday. Here’s how it went.

As promised, we have a panel of judges from diverse backgrounds who are sifting through the over 4000 blogs you submitted.

Come Saturday 12th March 2016, we will hold a training to focus on Intellectual Property which will be aimed at educating bloggers about the basic fundamentals of IP law.

Focus on the counties

Should Kenya legalise corruption as it morphs into a monster? This post reminds us of the continuous cycle in Kenya.

Jukumu Letu
It is the neutrality of the puppet that allows the community to see themselves.  Here’s how Jukumu Letu are using puppets to communicate sensitive issues.

Kenyan blogs of interest

Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia by a guy called Kaldis. This blogger indulged us in the history of the devil’s drink.

From drinking green tea to getting colon cleanses, there’s no denying that detoxing has become a popular trend. This blogger tries to unravel the truths and myths behind detox.

Every word, every sound you make has great weight more than you can perceive. So what’s the fault with our communication?

A trend that’s been catching on for quite a while. Fringy shoes, bags, coats you name it! This blogger was attracted to the sandal heels with fringes.

Blogs are not yet considered part of academic publishing. This academician encourages her colleagues to increase their online presence.


Enjoy a drunk- in -laugh weekend.






We hope you had a lovely week. We are super excited as we expect a full house tomorrow at the monetization workshop. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekly dose of treasures on the blogosphere.

Focus on our blog
With the advent of the internet and blogs, this is an art that gives traditional media a run for their money. We ventured into what makes the killer headline.

Video blogging continues to gain traction as more bloggers are including videos on their blogs than ever before.What exactly are the benefits of a video blog?

Many people have misconceptions about bloggers. This piece explores the other side of blogging.

Multi award winning fashion blogger Silvia Njoki has been nominated for the 2016 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (KCA), for Favourite African Fashion blogger.

Focus on the counties

Michael Musombi, has a big reason to smile owing to the financial benefits from small scale farming.

Kenyan blogs of interest

Sport betting is a phenomenon that is quickly gripping Kenya. This blogger profiles the main players in this space.

Every great leader was once clueless and timid. As this blogger adds a new feather to her leadership hat, she showcases few hats by her favorite hat designer, Chloe Mitchell.

Those who have never fought battles do not have the scars to flaunt their bravery. This writer encourages us to take pride in scars.

There’s no greater thing than foods that remind you of  home. This blogger shares their Mbaazi za Nazi recipe.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the workshop.

Have an awesome DRUNK IN LAUGH  weekend




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