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Hope you had a good week. We will have the Kenyan Blog Awards open day tomorrow at Nailab. We hope to see you there.


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Kenyan Blog Awards Open Day.png

We invite bloggers to attend the Kenyan blog awards open day tomorrow and get a deeper understanding of the objective, the process and the mechanics behind the awards.


There are some blogging practices that don’t help your blog’s growth, but in fact do the opposite. This article gives a list of 8 ways you are killing your blog.


We held an IP Training on Saturday, 19th March at Nailab. This training, which was conducted by Ms. Liz Lenjo, tackled Intellectual Property Rights, Libel and Blogging. Here is a recap.


Thursday March 10th saw a meetup between Nation Media Group and bloggers in a forum where NMG sought to demystify the lies that exist in society. This is how it went down.


Focus on the counties


Casual sex and cohabitation among teenagers has become the norm with experts saying media is to blame. This is why casual sex among teens is not news anymore.


Joshua Kamau formed a one man band after his friends showed no interest in forming a band with him. He now goes by the name Krackwizz, and this is his story.


Blogs of interest

Tarmacking. What? For who? Not when you have a computer. And a tab. And a smartphone. What the heck am I talking about? The Graduate curse.


At a younger age, did you hate Vitenge? Found them boring and more adult-like perhaps? Well, this blogger used to hate them too, but not anymore. Check out her little Kitenge Skirt.


For those who have never tried it, teaching is perhaps the most fulfilling profession man has ever cobbled up. This is a nostalgic reflection of one blogger’s teaching experience.


Are you stuck with a baby this weekend? It could be yours, or your friend’s or a baby sibling, niece or nephew. Don’t fret because here are tips on how to keep a toddler busy.


Here is a recipe for an easy and quick homemade hamburger buns. To all hamburger lovers out there, this blogger says, “Mujibambe!”


Have a “DRUNK IN  LAUGH” weekend.

About Section

BAKE is a body that promotes content creation on the web in Kenya and represents a group of content creators who are of Kenyan origin, descent or are based in Kenya and want to:

  • Syndicate their content
  • Network among other fellow content creators
  • Get legal and communal representation from the Bloggers Association of Kenya

Hello people!

Friday is here. Do you know what that means? It means the IP Training is barely a day away! Come through for this training at Nailab, Ngong Road, and learn about how blogging can turn criminal, how to protect yourself from libel, and other IP-related topics.


Focus on our blog


A Magical Day of Storytelling.jpg

We will be a part of the Storytelling Day celebrations to be held next Saturday, 19th March at Kwani? where we will hold a Teens Online Safety Training from 2.30pm to 4pm. Read more


Questions of bias in the Kenyan Blog Awards have been raised recently. We respond to those questions here


If you have wanted to start a video blog (vlog) and have been wondering what kind of content to create for it, here are some Video blogging ideas


What is the difference between a video that goes viral and one that gets meagre views? This article gives you tips to guide you while creating videos for your vlog.


Focus on the counties

Human Rights
Egerton university student Ezer Kipkurui was arrested for creating disturbance by taking a photo of Huduma Center in Nakuru. Here are details about his arrest and subsequent release.



The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) launched the African Climate Change and Environmental Reporting Awards (ACCER) 2016, to recognize bloggers and citizen journalists who seek to enlighten the world of the dangers of climate change. Read more here


Blogs of interest

Cultural events in the country focus on bringing people together to celebrate their unity. So, are you aware of these cultural festivals?


8th March was International Women’s Day. This blogger seized the day to look at the challenges women face while trying to stay safe online


Everyone appreciates a good pair of shoe; be it high heels, flats or sporty shoes. Whatever your preference in shoes always remember that the shoe makes the man.


Proper management of the environment is an essential part to achieving sustainability. That said, how familiar are you with the Kenyan Environmental Laws?


Life is not something you gain or lose everyday like money on a casino floor table. Do you know why? Because Life is a Gift.

Have a “drunk in laugh” weekend.

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