humourmob/sauti shawl

haya basi

Image result for a shawl and a baby illustration



ETI A Cussons gift bag

that has  a CD of a LULLABY

so me not wanting to be left behind

i just knit a shawl? who

what?                    when?

kashona a shawl

with them songz of the sauti sol knitted into them shawl ki-digitally

songzzzzz in that shawll especially for tha spoilt modern bratkid who thinks image iz everything

of coz tha shawl iz called sauti SHAWLImage result for a shawl  illustration

Inaimbia tha kid:

“sura yako ni zuri baibyyyyyy” ni zuri la laaaaaa…..

Image result for a baby illustration

“surabaya is indonesia wewe”

you see any sura?there? others are called nameless and this baby here iz faceless


Image result for a baby illustrationbaby haz been lulled to sleep by tha lullaby in tha shawl


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