FRESH BAKE’D stuff en april


Hope this finds you well. As you continue voting for your favourite blogs to win the Kenyan Blog Awards, we are back to make your Friday that much more awesome. Check these out;


Focus on our blog

EatOut - Logotype, Standard, Orange (3) (1).png

EatOut Kenya is East Africa’s largest online restaurant discovery platform and this year, they are sponsoring the Best Food Blog category of the Kenyan Blog Awards

on the day that you will find the eater eating outside that simply means not eating inside any building that is EATING OUT AND if u are discovered eating outside then that is the discovery platform


an Event-planning & Management Company, have been our loyal sponsors and are on board to sponsor the Kenyan Blog Awards 2016 yet again, for the fourth year running. Read more about the sponsorship.


From the Archives

Blogging is not easy. Once you embark on the journey, every post is an achievement. That is why you should celebrate the smallest milestones


The web hosting service you use on your websites matter a lot. Since it is the key to the success of your website, you need to think long and hard before making a decision.


Even your old posts can drive traffic to your blog if shared the right way. Here are a few tips on how to promote your old blog posts.


Blogs of interest
This  29-year old blogger is learning more about herself; Learning to love more and getting rid of the negative people and vibes in her life.


If you own a car, this is one piece of baby gear you should purchase long before your water breaks; it doesn’t make sense to buckle up as an adult driver and gamble on your child’s safety.


Here’s a question: Should your Facebook URL, Twitter handle, or Business domain name be a descriptor of what you do, or are you better off with some truncated, not-yet-used, version of your name?


“I was skydiving. Just like that. I was flying around like a bird. I was on top of the world literally.” How about you. Ever thought about Skydiving?


From the name, it may not sound sweet but it is. The combination of fruits used plus the honey, gives it all the sweetness it needs. We’re talking about the Sugarless Carrot Cake


Have a sweet weekend.










“If you can shave your eye-brows completely and draw them back with an eye pencil, don’t ask for money to do your hair. You can equally shave your head bald and draw the weave of your choice.“ Nigeria Proverb











We hope you had a fabulous week. We hope too that you’ve taken the time to vote for your favourite blog in the 2016 Kenyan Blog Awards. Voting is ending soon so go and vote here and vote vote vote!
Focus on our blog
Next week we’ll have a digital training workshop at the East African Innovation Justice forum. Get more details on that and also register here.
We all heard the outrageous claim that were made that social media brought Chase Bank down. Here is our statement on that untrue claim.
Coca-Cola has come on board as sponsors of the sports category of this year’s Kenyan Blog Awards. We’re honoured and grateful for that.
Are you having trouble coming up with an about page for your blog? Here are some tips on how to go about it.















Focus on the counties
It is becoming uncomfortably common for people to be charged with improper use of telecommunication systems. Here is another example from Githunguri.
Blogs of interest
How dating has changed over the years! How is social media influencing things in this field? Grace Ndiege takes a look at this.
If you still need any more convincing about how much can be reaped from farming, this site has a wealth of encouraging relatable information on farming.
People can be the best and worst thing that can happen to you. Choose those who are close to you wisely. More on that here.
High adrenalie adventures are picking ground as people get more and more daring. Here are some things adrenaline junkies can take part in.
Happy reading and have a relaxing weekend.


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