kenya has been witnessing weekly demonstrations,,,and other picketing services offered by err.. not really cool peeps, but as a result of the demos and the demo tapes that escort such demos later on tee vee,

humourmob demon? or demonstrations was birthed.

angel-strations is simply fighting or demonstrating ,only on the knees and sending supplications to GOD in a quiet,non-picketing way





Image result for DEMONSTRATIONS
demonstrations!underway. (does it mean demons at work?) no  




Image result for angel ministering

ANGEL–STRATION..picketing but in a supplication to GOD way.that is you demonstrate or take the troubles to GOD in Prayer







Author: emalineachieng

Meet HUMOURITA! Emaline Achieng comedy blogger, humourist.,satirist a christian happily in the WORK of GOD,a Writer-:-(RELIGION),Current Affairs,Public Interests, millions of humorous,comical,satirical,,,absurd articles...stories,,,observations,,pieces,, current affairs,short takes and more. "lionel messi" wa comedienne!

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