A PRESS statement,about:-the HEALTH CRISIS.





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The Ministry of Health deeply regrets the prevailing Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists
and Dentists Union (KMPDU) organized strike. The Ministry recognizes and deeply values the
critical role medical practitioners play in Kenya. The Ministry also acknowledges that the
fundamental issues being raised by the trade union are valid. They are part of a conversation that
has spanned several administrations and constitutional dispensations. The Ministry of Health
assures the medical community that it indeed agrees, in principle, with the need to improve
service conditions for doctors in public health institutions who provide invaluable service to our
This therefore necessitates robust engagement between the KMPDU, The National Treasury, the
Salaries and Remuneration Commission, the Council of Governors, and the Ministry of East
African Community, Labor and Social Protection, in order to reach satisfactory solutions that are
ethically acceptable and legally and fiscally practicable.

The Ministry of Health remains ready to
facilitate good-faith discussions between all the concerned parties.

To that end, The Ministry of
Health has convened a meeting between the afore mentioned parties, which is scheduled to take
place this afternoon at Afya House. It is  hoped and  with confidence that this meeting will yield a
workable agreement.
The Government notes with grave concern that the strike has disrupted the enjoyment of basic,
fundamental rights for citizens across the country, and is causing incalculable pain and grief
across the country.

Countless Kenyans—mothers, fathers and children—in need of emergency
attention are unable to access it. Many have been left teetering on the brink of death. Some have succumbed to ailments through the lack of medical attention. This cannot continue.

We believe that the issues raised can be solved.
In light of the above, and in view of the acute suffering which the ongoing strikes are causing to
Kenyans across the country, the Ministry of Health continues to urgently appeal to the KMPDU
to call off the strike, and return to work.
The Government trusts that members of this esteemed medical community—who have served
Kenyans with distinction over the years—will continue to hold their call to service and their oath
of office in good conscience, by returning to the negotiation table while allowing critical health
services to resume.


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