A PRESS STATEMENT December 16th ,2016(death of a kenyan abroad)

                                         A PRESS STATEMENT

It was with deep regret that  the government received the news last Sunday, of
the death of Mr. Zakayo Muriuki Gatimu, in an Ethiopian hospital.
The Ethiopian authorities arrested the late Zakayo Muriuki Gatimu
on 10 th January, 2015, in Jijiga, Ethiopia. He was arrested walking
out of the compound of the client who had contracted his employer
company, BSS Ltd, to install a VSAT Satellite in Jijiga. Jijiga is
about 381 miles East of Addis Ababa near the Somalia boarder. On
the same date, another Kenyan, Mr. Jedrick Mugo (Radio Frequency
Engineer of Space Engineering Company alongside a Mr. Ali Basir
was also arrested in the same region of Jijiga.
The Government has been aware of the imprisonment of Mr.
Muriuki in Ethiopia, and our Embassy in Addis Ababa has been
engaged with both his family and the Government of Ethiopia in a
bid to resolve the case and have Mr. Muriuki and his colleague
return home.
We can confirm that investigations to establish the circumstances
of his death are underway and we have been assured of full
cooperation from the Ethiopian authorities.At this time, our primary concern is with the family of Zack
Muriuki, who we have been assisting to repatriate the body. We will
continue to stand with them as arrangements for the funeral are
We express sincere condolences to the family and assure them of
continued government support at this difficult time.
Government remains engaged in efforts to secure the release of Mr.
Muriuki’s colleague, Mr. Jedrick Mugo.

We continue to urge their
employers to come forth with critical information needed by the
Ethiopian Government to shed more light into the case. Their
continued silence threatens to cripple the Embassy’s efforts to
secure Mr. Mugo’s release.
Government would like to issue a cautionary reminder to citizens
living in foreign countries, especially those which are politically
volatile and conflict prone, to maintain the highest levels of
vigilance. It is incumbent on Kenyans living abroad to be cognizant
of laws in those countries and make every effort to observe them.
The liberties enjoyed under the Kenyan constitution are not
standard across the  board.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is always at hand to advice Kenyans
considering or pursuing opportunities outside the country. They
are able to advise citizens on appropriate pre-cautionary measures
to take, laws to observe, and avenues to pursue for assistance in
the event of certain possible eventualities. Citizens worldwide are
always in better standing seeking such guidance before leaving
their home countries. This places Government in a better position
to adequately assist Kenyans who find themselves in difficult,
dangerous or compromising situations while in a foreign country.

Government Spokesperson


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