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The Government met development partners to review drought crisis;and
secures funding for drought intervention.
February 16,2017.
The National Government held a consultative
meeting with donors, international humanitarian agencies and a
range of development partners to discuss and streamline collaboration
towards dealing with the ongoing drought which Kenya recently
declared a national disaster.
In attendance of the event were:
1. Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service: Dr. Joseph Kinyua
2. Principal Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Ambassador
Monica Juma
3. Principal Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and
Fisheries: Dr. Richard Lesiyampe
4. Principal Secretary Irrigation; Dr. Peter Nduati
5. Principal Secretary Social Protection: Susan Mochache
6. The European Union Regional Coordinator: Ambassaddor
Stefano Dejak
7. The United Nations Resident Coordinator: Mr. Siddhartha
8. US Ambassador to Kenya: Ambassador Rodert Godec
9. Chinese Ambassador to Kenya: Ambassador Liu Xianfa
10. Turkish Ambassador to Kenya: Ambassador Deniz Eke
11. German Ambassador to Kenya: Ambassador Jutta Frasch
12. Representatives from the United Kingdom’s Department
for International Development (DRID)
13. Representative from DANIDA
14. Representatives from Africa Development Bank; amongst
15. The Kenya Red Cross Secretary General, Abbas Gullet
16. Members of Kenya’s Private Sector
The meeting was attended by all invited donor partners and international
humanitarian agencies. All present expressed a keen interest
in partnering with the Government to bridge the Ksh 11 billion
gap in financing required to effectively and comprehensively address
the drought through short, medium and long term measures.
Donors present were satisfied that the government was doing all it
can to mitigate the unprecedented drought which has affected the
IGAD region.
Speaking immediately after the meeting, The European Union Regional
Coordinator Amb. Stefano Dejak said ,”The European Union will be
contributing Ksh. 1billion for cash transfers, which seems to be the
most effective manner of reaching the most vulnerable. We commend
the Government of Kenya for the speed in which they have responded
in mitigating this dramatic drought whose severity was unpredictable
and affects the whole IGAD region”.
UNDP Regional Resident coordinator echoed Amb. Dejak’s remarks,”
The scale of this challenge has doubled both in the area and numbers
of those affected. This was unexpected. The UNDP remain at hand to
continue supporting government, which can request the UN through
a gazette notice, to redeploy existing resources to respond to the
According to the Kenya Meteorological Department, Kenya will continue
to experience depressed rainfalls during the period March-May
2017 which is commonly known as the “long rains” season. Kenya,
Ethiopia, Uganda and South Sudan have declared the drought national
disasters; while the impact in Somalia is severe and has been
declared a famine.
Having recognized that the scope and magnitude of Kenya’s drought
crisis have escalated, Government of Kenya has sought to escalate its
response in tandem. The Government has allocated Ksh 7.4 billion
towards a second phase of drought mitigation interventions and cabinet
has approved this allocation. However, to deal effectively and
comprehensively with the crisis, a further Ksh 11 billion is required.
During this morning’s meeting, Kenya successfully solicited the support
of its development partners to bridge this gap in drought intervention
The P.S. in the Ministry of Agriculture,who
chairs the inter agency national coordination committee explained thus
“Scientific empirical evidence is needed to declare a national disaster
of this magnitude. The number of those affected has doubled since
August last year. Those affected are now 2.7 million across 23 counties out of the 47 counties.
The government has already expended Ksh. 5.5 billion in various
interventions so far”.
The Government wishes to thank all the partners and stakeholders
who attended this morning’s meeting. who have been unwavering
in their commitment to bring relief to Kenyans across the
country affected by drought.

Government Spokesperson