mashujaa,the DAY,the week review (citizen journalism)

Mashujaa day is for honouring the heroes and heroines and all the Shujaas who walk among us in all spheres.

there were National celebrations at Machakos county in accordance with the president’s commitment to devolving the celebrations of National days to the counties.and the event was held at Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos.

everyone was welcome to attend and join in the festivities.

Justice Maraga was sworn in earlier on Wednesday and is now officially the Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya.and kenyans hope he will be given support from all corners.the judiciary aspires to have relationship with ordinary mwananchi and assist all law abiding, patriotic,security loving kenyans in the quest for justice.


He is expected to swear in the 9 member selection panel responsible for the recruitment of IEBC Commissioners.

the panel will consist of four (4) nominees of the PARLIAMENTARY SERVICE COMMISSION (PSC) and five (5) nominees of the Religious Organizations.(as per the joint select parliamentary committee report).

the nominees have already been identified.

after the swearing in of the selection panel,within seven days of its appointment,it shall invite applications from qualified persons and publish the names of all applicants and their qualifications in the gazette,two newspapers of national circulation and on the website of the PSC.

The selection panel shall then consider the applications and create a shortlist then interview the shortlisted applicants.thereafter the selection panel shall select two(2) people qualified to be chairperson and nine (9)people qualified to be commissioners then forward the names of the nominees for approval.

the President,the selection panel and Parliament will be expected to observe the 2/3 gender provision and ensure regional balance in the appointments.

on receiving  parliamentary approval,the president shall appoint an IEBC Chairperson and six (6) members of the IEBC Commission by notice in the gazette,then the current IEBC chairperson and the current IEBC commissioners  shall vacate office,once the newly appointed chairperson and commissioners have been sworn in.these provisions will be followed in accordance with the Election (Amendment) Law.all kenyans are encouraged to apply and the government will support the process in every respect


kenyans in hunger stricken areas will not go hungry and  the food to be given to them will be sourced/bought within the country.the authorities want that people be able and be enabled to produce their own food and not really be given food,though it can be done as a first aid before necessary aid arrives.

there is a problem of water in the country,even in the 80s,and the govt tried to put up dams to conserve water in the rainy seasons in many areas countrywide.Germany and the World Bank gave lots of money for such developments to go on











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