that they say,,,,that Haba na Haba  hujaza hujaza kibaba?.

but it is see-able that Haba na Haba is Haba squared

that haba na haba ni u-Haba maradufu.

maybe wahenga meant that slowly slowly you fill a kenyan bank with money from others, then it collapses one day ,,and if banks collapse,,,no doc offer first aid.!chase that dream.CHASE.













they always say or think that friday a 13th is doomed ,a doomed day.but,,,,,is it?????

Hello people,


Tomorrow is D-day! All roads will lead to Radisson Blu, Upperhill from 6pm. We look forward to an evening of fun where the winning bloggers in the various blog categories that you voted for will be crowned. See you there?


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We are pleased to have Mettā sponsoring this year’s Blog Awards winner in the best Topical Blog category.


We have partnered with Uber to offer all our followers who will be attending the awards reliable rides! Yaaay, right?


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Have a FUN “DRUNK IN LAUGH” weekend.