what if there was peace-thog instead of warthog?
a person hogs warts and isn’t warthog
an animal don’t hog warts and is warthog
why so?

he doesn’t have warts but he’s called a wart-hog

and if the opposite of war is peace,,

you wonder why GOD greated a WARthog instead of a PEACE-thog?

just wondering?

Image result for a person full of warts
he’s got WARTS but he isn’t called WARThog



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ngiri moja


Image result for warthog
NGIRI MOJA as well.


humourmob-BAND(big question)?


THIS is blue band


for spreading on bread




IF Blueband is a fat for spreading on bread……………..

Image result for hairband











why isn’t a hairband fat for spreading on hair?

Image result for hairband
the hair band on hair.
















Image result for headband
hairbands!do they play live music on the head?


and why aren’t these headbands a fat for spreading head?

band is another name for fat?