citizen journalism(CURRENT AFFAIRS)the week that was. November 2016



 By Emaline Achieng.


Good day,

here’s a round up of the topical issues (CURRENT AFFAIRS) of National importance making the headlining news.



—At 12:00pm on wednesday, 10th NOV, a ten story building which was under construction in Kisii Central, Kisii County collapsed resulting in two fatalities and thirty one injuries so far. The injured individuals have been rushed to Kisii Level 5 hospital where they are receiving medical attention. The deceased have been transferred to Kisii Mortuary.

The National Government, The County Government of Kisii, The Kenya Police and The Kenya Red Cross responded urgently to the tragic accident. Search and rescue operations  received extensive support from locals residing in the area.

Currently, the number of people who were within the building at the time of the collapse cannot be verified. However, a large number of them are assumed to be construction workers. The owner of the building and the architect are also believed to have been in the building, though this has not been confirmed.

 deepest condolences  to the families of the individuals who have lost their lives.

We understand the deep concern of families and members of the public following this grievous event. the public and media be patient with the difficult and ongoing rescue and recovery exercise. .

let all social media citizens or netizens not post horrible accident scene pictures.respect the afflicted and their brethren.


on the US elections,

 …..which were determined Wednesday morning, and which many Kenyans expressed great interest in both during the campaigns, and after plus following the results……….

Following Mr. Trump’s success in the election, both President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto extended their congratulations to now President-Elect Trump and to the tens of millions of people who enabled his assent to the Presidency.


As a country, we have long standing and historical ties with the United States, which are rooted in shared interests and values. Under President Obama, Kenya-US relations flourished, and we saw the apex of that relationship last year, when Kenya hosted

His Excellency President Obama—the first sitting US President to visit Kenya—during the global entrepreneurship summit. President-Elect Trump yesterday assured global leaders of his commitment to working with partners who are willing to work with America. Kenya fully expects the relationship between Kenya and the United States to continue and grow under a Trump administration and we look forward to working with the new administration. We wish America well, as they undergo their transition process.


 on international matters,


Kenya wishes to further affirm that it will withdraw Kenya’s troops from the United Nation’s Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). The Government is firm on this position. This is a matter of honor for our country, and its armed forces who we feel have not been accorded the respect that is their due. We have forwarded our complaints concerning UNMISS to the UN Secretary General through the appropriate mechanisms.


That said, the withdrawal of our troops has absolutely no bearing on the relationship between South Sudan and Kenya. That relationship remains strong and our support for South Sudan is unwavering.


Indeed, both Presidents Kenyatta and  Salva Kiir Mayardit have been in close contact over the last few weeks, exchanging mutual assurances. President Kenyatta remains committed to supporting South Sudan through regional mechanisms including IGAD, the Africa Union and the EAC. President Salva Kiir has assured Kenya of his commitment to the safety of Kenyans living in South Sudan. The Government has established that Kenyans residing in South Sudan are currently secure and face no immediate threat of danger. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will, however, continue to monitor the situation and act in the face of any changes. 


 on domestic matters,

 the ongoing KCPE and KCSE examinations which begun on November 1st and November 7th respectively,we can agree that there have been unprecedented efforts to ensure that these examinations are carried out not only without cheating and the infamous leaks that have characterized past examinations, but with the utmost efficiency. The examinations—which include new security features—were printed externally and flown into the country within days of the commencement of examinations. The whole examination process is being rigorously overseen by the Kenya National Examination Council and the Ministry of Education. For the KCPE, arrangement for the marking process have already been completed and will be subjected to the highest level of integrity. 

 On 12th November(WHICH IS TODAY) all examiners will report to the 12 marking centers for actual marking of candidate scripts. Processing of KCPE examination results will occur concurrently with marking, and is expected to end by 8th December 2016. The date for the release of the examination results will be determined by the Council in liaison with the Ministry.

With respect to the KCSE, examinations have been progressing well in all the 9157 examination centers across the country. Planning of the marking process is well underway, with 25 marking centres having already been identified and settled on. Examination papers will be returned from examination centers as they are completed. Receiving, sorting and packing of scripts in readiness for dispatch to the marking centers has been scheduled to take place between 8th November and 13th December 2016. Processing of results will occur concurrently with marking, which means students can expect their results to be released during the 2nd week of January 2017.


So far, the examinations have been running smoothly, it is evident that the measures put in place by the government to curb cheating and restored confidence in the national examination system have worked. Where there have been minor anomalies or challenges, which of course are expected when you account for human error, these have been directed to KNEC and the Ministry of Education, for further review and we are confident that they will be resolved.

We take this opportunity to congratulate the CS Matiangi and his team for the thorough manner in which this process has been carried out.



   on the ongoing recruitment process for IEBC commissioners and an IEBC Chairperson.

The Selection Panel was sworn in on 19th October 2016 and began its work on 21st October 2016 by inviting applications from qualified Kenyans. On 27th October 2016, Dr. Moham Lumba was sworn in to replace the panel member, Mr. Rawal, who resigned shortly after being sworn in, for personal reasons.

 the Selection Panel has received 13 applicants for the position of Chairperson and 765 for Commissioners. This massive response to the call to serve Kenya is a testament to Kenyans’ continued confidence in our institutions and in constitutional processes. The next step is for the Selection Panel to shortlist candidates for interview. The government wishes to provide the Selection Panel the furthest extent of professional freedom as they proceed to shortlist the candidates.

 the Selection Panel should hopefully remain cognizant of the need for an expedited process within the legally imposed time limits.



Coordination is a process where examiners familiarize themselves with marking schemes and practice marking dummies before going into actual live marking.