Kenya and Switzerland sign MOU on Criminal Matters between Kenya and Swiss Federal Council. 

Kenya signed a memorandum of understanding with The Swiss on Friday. The AG Mr Githu Muigai  said that the MOU would facilitate Mutual Legal Assistance on Criminal Matters between Kenya and Switzerland. The A.G Mr Muigai Githu added that the signing of The MOU between Kenya and Swiss Federal Council Friday,would help in The fight against  Corruption. The office of The A.G is the central authority for Mutual Legal Assistance in Kenya and the office is responsible for creating laws that facilitate the apprehension of people taking part in Criminal Matters, in crimes that traverse different States, and includes  Guiding laws to extradition between States, transfer of prisoners, recovery of The stolen assets, even those stashed Away in foreign countries, among others. 

The MOU in Criminal Matters aims to define the scope of the Mutual Legal Assistance, promoting greater understanding of existing laws and the Legal systems and institutions in The two countries while providing technical assistance that’s aimed at confiscating illegally acquired assets and the repatriation of the same. 

The Mutual Legal Assistance Act 2011 offers for Legal Assistance given and obtained by the Government from the foreign States and partners in the fight against Corruption and touch especially on the investigating, and Prosecutions of  Criminal Matters. 
Kenya seeks to recover loot stashed overseas by Kenyans who own cash and assets in foreign lands. Those with wealth stashed away abroad will declare the said assets and they will be issued with certificates declaring they have been pardoned for crimes like Tax evasion and Money Laundering.