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2016-05-14 23.01.03.jpgHello everyone,


Have you recovered from the BAKE awards yet? What a night it was! Thanks to all who helped to make it a success. We do it again next year, right?


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We are happy to be a part of this month’s #WhatsNext series by Nest where a panel of senior media executives, innovative entrepreneurs and journalists will assemble to discuss what is transforming both Tech and Media industries.


The winners of the Kenyan Blog Awards 2016 (BAKE Awards) were announced on Saturday 14th May 2016 at Radisson Blu Nairobi. Check out the full list of winners here.


The BAKE Awards gala event saw a good attendance that went to show the interest Kenyans have in developing and investing in the online space. Here are highlights of the event.


If there are no pictures, then it did not happen right? We thought you’d say that and that’s why we took pictures!


From our archives

It’s not enough to simply be online, you need to define who you are and curve out a unique space for yourself.


Time management is something everyone needs to think of. More so for the bloggers who get paid to write. Here are tips on how to manage your time.


Ever since he wrote a distress post on Facebook about his troubled financial position because of being labeled a terrorist, efforts to locate photographer Msingi Sasis have been futile. Read about Msingi’s mysterious disappearance.

Blogs of interest

Most of us admit that to have dated people whom when we look back we wonder “what was wrong with me?” That said, do you think love and common sense  reside together?


Do you often ask yourself; how can I be myself? Do I know myself? Do I know who I am exactly? Is being myself enough? Is being myself appropriate. Better yet, who are you?


When people introduce themselves as writers what goes through your mind? Allow this blogger to take you through the complexity of being a writer.


Who doesn’t just love their glass of milk? And that rich white cup of tea or coffee? But what if this glass of milk could kill you? Or force you to take a trip to the doctors?





they always say or think that friday a 13th is doomed ,a doomed day.but,,,,,is it?????

Hello people,


Tomorrow is D-day! All roads will lead to Radisson Blu, Upperhill from 6pm. We look forward to an evening of fun where the winning bloggers in the various blog categories that you voted for will be crowned. See you there?


Focus on our blog

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We are pleased to have Mettā sponsoring this year’s Blog Awards winner in the best Topical Blog category.


We have partnered with Uber to offer all our followers who will be attending the awards reliable rides! Yaaay, right?


From our archives

Having set up your domain, you will probably rack your brains for an appropriate name for your blog. These factors should guide you towards settling on a good name.


“Does my company really need Social Media?” Being on social media, can only be effective if one understands how social media helps businesses

After setting up your blog, you need to ask yourself; is it ready for visits? How do you ensure that it will impress your visitors enough to rope them in for more visits thereafter?

Blogs of interest

If you read about the health benefits of  Almond nuts, would it convince you to grab a handful instead of the usual fried foods that you eat during snack time? Would it?


“No amount of curated decor or spectacular cuisine could cover up a troubled heart. Home is first in the heart, and then it touches and gives life to everything around it”how profound is that?


One staple every guy should have in their wardrobe is a leather jacket. It doesn’t matter your age; whether you’re 12 or 45, a nicely fitted leather jacket will definitely make heads turn


How about we set off your weekend with a short story about love, betrayal, pregnancy and the brewing of an earth-shattering scandal?


Have a FUN “DRUNK IN LAUGH” weekend.