The message from the CJ,and other speakers at The human trafficking and international crimes Seminar. #HumanTraffickingKE 

The human trafficking and international crimes Seminar took place on the 12/4/2017. With speaker after speaker supporting the message of preventing and stopping the global human trafficking rackets. THE Chief Justice Mr David Maraga  said that Kenya was one of The partners in the fight against International crimes. He added that sustaining judiciary transformation was part of enhancing access to Justice. He talked about sustaining judiciary transformation thereby increasing efficiency, as well as individual accountability for peak performance. And effectively harnessing ICT in all Judiciary operations. 

He added that there were plans to establish the international organised crimes division in The High Court of Kenya to deal with this growing menace, and former CJ Mr Willie Mutunga is helping to oversee this division. 

The Judiciary Training Institute in collaboration with partners enhances the Judges training, capacity building, adjudicating counter terrorism and related cases across East Africa. 

The CJ said that He would Peruse the report of this human trafficking and international crimes Seminar with many partners in The Judiciary present to see how they can more effectively address these crimes. He concluded His message by thanking all for their dedication and commitment towards enhancing the rule of law.

Earlier on, Ms Susan Mochache said that persons with disability were also offered for trafficking,and that we haven’t provided a safe house but want to do so for integration of families. The PS – Social Protection also addressed the issue of collecting  information about cases of trafficking and the ease of being able to report and getting a fair assessment on where we stand as regards trafficking and trafficking rackets. Children are under stress because they are in the wrong hands.