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This week marked the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. In a surprise strike by the Japanese, 2,400 Americans died in what then President Franklin D. Roosevelt called “a day which will live in infamy.” After being reluctant to join the war effort, the U.S. entered World War II in direct response to the assault. Later this month, Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe is set to become the first sitting Japanese official to visit the memorial at Pearl Harbor. This comes after President Obama visited Hiroshima, Japan, the site of the dropping of the Atomic bomb earlier this year in ceremonial displays of reconciliation.

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By her own offspring…not even born yet. Yeah, we know. You totally didn’t see that one coming. According to the New York Post, the lawsuit seeks to turn over custody of the frozen embryos to Vegara’s ex-fiance Nick Loeb so they can be brought to life and receive the trust set up for them. The embryos, listed as plaintiffs Emma and Isabella, were created when the Vegara and Loeb were still together back in 2013. Vegara has moved on and is now married to “Magic Mike” star Joe Manganiello… maybe Loeb should also #getalife…or wait… is that what he is trying to give his yet-to-be-born daughters? We’ll await the outcome of this one…
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It’s official, the 2016 “TIME” Magazine person of the year is none other than President-elect Donald J. Trump. While calling our future President a “real change-maker”, the piece describes Trump as a “huckster” and calls Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton an “American Moses.” The article highlights how Trump “magnified the divisions of the present, inspiring new levels of anger and fear within his country,” while Mrs. Clinton “became a symbol in a fight that was about much more than symbolism.” Um… all we can say to that is: #BiasAlert.
Immigrants around the country are concerned about what the Donald Trump presidency will mean for their future in America. In fact, one organization in Texas is so concerned they’re hosting 100 forums and a series of events to help immigrants learn their rights. In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has set up a fund for illegal immigrants to use for legal aide and cities across the nation are promising sanctuary. But is it legal?

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All hail Queen Bey. Beyoncé is up for a whopping nine Grammy nominations after her extremely successful album Lemonade. I mean who wouldn’t want to drink lemonade whipped up by Beyoncé, am I right? Beyoncé has some fierce competition for album of the year from Adele, Drake, Justin Bieber and country singer Sturgill Simpson. The superstar is the most nominated woman of all time having received 62 nominations, winning 20. #SlayedIt

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LATEST ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,socialite dead

paris hilton inherited socialite genes from hungarian grandmother,,zsa zsa gabor, the FIRST SOCIALITES of the world



Zsa Zsa Gabor, the Hungary-born actress and socialite best known for her nine marriages, including to hotel magnate Conrad Hilton and actor George Sanders, has died at age 99.

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Baltimore authorities say two people were killed and more than a dozen injured when a tanker skidded off an icy I-95 and exploded, shutting down the highway.




What is CPD certification?

CPD or continuing professional development is the means by which people maintain their technical expertise in their professional lives. You can increase your technical expertise by collecting CPD points. The points can then be added to your profile through a trade association that you might be a member of.

A PRESS STATEMENT December 16th ,2016(death of a kenyan abroad)

Zakayo Muriuki Gatimu,,,,,,or
Zakayo Muiruri Gatimu? died last weekend in ethiopia after languishing in jail(kalit prison).they ,,he and a colleague, jedrick mugo,were accused of abetting terrorism

an information technology consultant ,zakayo muriuki’s family is in mourning after he died in an ethiopian jail (he was arrested in the line of duty in jijiga in ethiopia last year) last sat…

Source: A PRESS STATEMENT December 16th ,2016 (death of a kenyan abroad)

A PRESS STATEMENT December 16th ,2016(death of a kenyan abroad)

an information technology consultant’s,(zakayo muriuki) family is in mourning after he died in an Ethiopian jail (he was arrested in the line of duty in jijiga in ethiopia last year) last saturday,,and word has it that the government didn’t seriously heed the appeals for help.

                                         A PRESS STATEMENT

It was with deep regret that  the government received the news last Sunday, of
the death of Mr. Zakayo Muriuki Gatimu, in an Ethiopian hospital.
The Ethiopian authorities arrested the late Zakayo Muriuki Gatimu
on 10 th January, 2015, in Jijiga, Ethiopia. He was arrested walking
out of the compound of the client who had contracted his employer
company, BSS Ltd, to install a VSAT Satellite in Jijiga. Jijiga is
about 381 miles East of Addis Ababa near the Somalia boarder. On
the same date, another Kenyan, Mr. Jedrick Mugo (Radio Frequency
Engineer of Space Engineering Company alongside a Mr. Ali Basir
was also arrested in the same region of Jijiga.
The Government has been aware of the imprisonment of Mr.
Muriuki in Ethiopia, and our Embassy in Addis Ababa has been
engaged with both his family and the Government of Ethiopia in a
bid to resolve the case and have Mr. Muriuki and his colleague
return home.
We can confirm that investigations to establish the circumstances
of his death are underway and we have been assured of full
cooperation from the Ethiopian authorities.At this time, our primary concern is with the family of Zack
Muriuki, who we have been assisting to repatriate the body. We will
continue to stand with them as arrangements for the funeral are
We express sincere condolences to the family and assure them of
continued government support at this difficult time.
Government remains engaged in efforts to secure the release of Mr.
Muriuki’s colleague, Mr. Jedrick Mugo.

We continue to urge their
employers to come forth with critical information needed by the
Ethiopian Government to shed more light into the case. Their
continued silence threatens to cripple the Embassy’s efforts to
secure Mr. Mugo’s release.
Government would like to issue a cautionary reminder to citizens
living in foreign countries, especially those which are politically
volatile and conflict prone, to maintain the highest levels of
vigilance. It is incumbent on Kenyans living abroad to be cognizant
of laws in those countries and make every effort to observe them.
The liberties enjoyed under the Kenyan constitution are not
standard across the  board.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is always at hand to advice Kenyans
considering or pursuing opportunities outside the country. They
are able to advise citizens on appropriate pre-cautionary measures
to take, laws to observe, and avenues to pursue for assistance in
the event of certain possible eventualities. Citizens worldwide are
always in better standing seeking such guidance before leaving
their home countries. This places Government in a better position
to adequately assist Kenyans who find themselves in difficult,
dangerous or compromising situations while in a foreign country.

Government Spokesperson



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Nairobi, Kenya—On Monday 12 th December 2016, official Jamhuri day celebrations will be held
at Nyayo Stadium, Nairobi. The function will begin at 10am. President Uhuru will preside
over the day’s festivities. All Kenyans are welcome to participate in the shared celebrations. The
stadium will be accessible to the public from 7am. The overall theme of this year’s celebrations will
be peace, unity and patriotism among Kenyans.
As Kenyans all over the country mark our 53 rd Jamhuri Day, events will take place both in Nairobi
and across all counties led by county Commissioners. Stringent security arrangements have been
made and traffic management measures effected to ensure the safety of our citizens, as well as safety and efficiency on our roads.
With respect to the use of roads for the main function at Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi, the public is
advised as follows:
1. Aérodrome road will be closed to the general public. The road shall be accessible to accredited vehicles only. Other vehicles will be diverted to other routes as appropriate.
2. Heavy commercial vehicles coming from Nakuru and/or Mombasa will not be permitted onto Uhuru Highway on the material day. They will instead be required to use the Nairobi
Southern Bypass.
We wish all Kenyans an enjoyable and peaceful Jamhuri Day.

A PRESS STATEMENT:blog post.(the health strike).



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The Ministry of Health deeply regrets the prevailing Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists
and Dentists Union (KMPDU) organized strike. The Ministry recognizes and deeply values the
critical role medical practitioners play in Kenya. The Ministry also acknowledges that the
fundamental issues being raised by the trade union are valid. They are part of a conversation that
has spanned several administrations and constitutional dispensations. The Ministry of Health
assures the medical community that it indeed agrees, in principle, with the need to improve
service conditions for doctors in public health institutions who provide invaluable service to our
This therefore necessitates robust engagement between the KMPDU, The National Treasury, the
Salaries and Remuneration Commission, the Council of Governors, and the Ministry of East
African Community, Labor and Social Protection, in order to reach satisfactory solutions that are
ethically acceptable and legally and fiscally practicable. The Ministry of Health remains ready to
facilitate good-faith discussions between all the concerned parties. To that end, The Ministry of
Health has convened a meeting between the afore mentioned parties, which is scheduled to take
place this afternoon at Afya House. It is our hope and confidence that this meeting will yield a
workable agreement.
The Government notes with grave concern that the strike has disrupted the enjoyment of basic,
fundamental rights for citizens across the country, and is causing incalculable pain and grief
across the country. Countless Kenyans—mothers, fathers and children—in need of emergency
attention are unable to access it. Many have been left teetering on the precipice of death. Some have succumbed to ailments through the lack of medical attention. This cannot continue. We
believe that the issues raised can be solved.
In light of the above, and in view of the acute suffering which the ongoing strikes are causing to
Kenyans across the country, the Ministry of Health continues to urgently appeal to the KMPDU
to call off the strike, and return to work.
The Government trusts that members of this esteemed medical community—who have served
Kenyans with distinction over the years—will continue to hold their call to service and their oath
of office in good conscience, by returning to the negotiation table while allowing critical health
services to resume.